Sunday, December 23

Amazing photos of 10 people with their duplicate!

It's an age-old belief with a strange appeal that we all have a doppelganger in some corner of this planet – and a Canadian photographer François Brunelle set out to search 200 couples of such doubles for his photo series ​”I’m not a look-alike!”. 

François wants to create an international exhibit and publish them as a portrait book. Looking at his portraits of people whom you would barely think they could be coming from totally diverse parts of the world and could easily mistaken for family member, but look more closely and the mystery is uncovered. They might look like twins but the subjects of these black and white pictures are not even related. In fact, they are complete strangers to one another, none of the individuals captured by photographic artist Francois Brunelle are sharing the same blood, and their faces simply have strikingly similar characteristics.

10 Amazing Portraits of Unrelated but Look-Alikes people!

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