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Adolescent caught after boasting about her Bank ransacking on Youtube!


A Greenday fan from Nebraska named as Hanna Sabata, was got arrested after gloating about ransacking a bank and stealing a car in a YouTube video called ‘Chick Bank robber’. I don’t know what she was planning with that video but, I think it would be the biggest fail of her life till now. She uploaded the video on November 28, 2012 and in the description section, Sabata writes, “I just stole a car and robbed a bank.  Now I’m rich, I can pay off my college financial aid and tomorrow I’m going for a shopping spree.  Bite me.  I love GREENDAY!”

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In the video clip Sabata doesn't say any word, but does holding $6256 cash in her hands which she stole from the bank, showing the keys of the stolen car, telling about how much weed she has, sharing the details of the robbery and more. She's even wearing the same clothes in the video in which she robbed the bank.

The video uploader, who refers Hicktown as the place where she grew up and claims to be a “victim of the government,” was a vivid character long before her custody.  On her deviantART page, Sabata lists a few "fascinating truths" about herself, which include:

I can stretch both legs behind my head at the same time; I can do the splits; I can stand on my head; I have HIV; I’m married; I’m pregnant; I’ve been to jail; I’ve been to Boys Town; I’ve been homeless; I have ran away; I’ve saved my grandmother; I’m often mistaken as Asian; I get straight A’s in school.


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