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Zombie apocalypse is actually possible!

Zombies don’t need much of an introduction or explanation as like a lot of monsters, zombies have their roots in folklore, and also overtaken pop culture books and cinema. Even many of the video game players also love to play zombie games. When people think of zombies they think of “undead” humans who stagger and covered in blood, or some disgusting creatures eating humans and spreading a disease and so on. The only way to stop them? Shoot them in the brain.

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Is a zombie apocalypse possible? Most of the people think zombie apocalypse is nothing but a pure fantasy. But, some of the scientists have started to believe the unbelievable and seriously studying the question. Even after documenting several rumors and stories, they found some little solid evidences to clarify or prove the zombie phenomenon. In 1980, they got a real incident as a landmark case of a man who appeared after being dead for 18 years. He claimed to be Clairvius Narcisse, who had passed away in Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Deschapelles, Haiti on May 2, 1962. Narcisse described that he found himself able to sense everything around him, but couldn’t move himself during his presumed death -- he had even seen the doctor cover his face with a sheet. Narcisse claimed that a bokor had resurrected him and made him a zombie.

Some scientists think it could be possible that a mutated virus or a parasite could invade our brain as they sometimes do with animals in nature, causing them being driven to the symptoms of zombie like madness and run towards death scenarios. Others believe neurotoxins or some other chemical disorder in the brain could make us insane to a level that we’ll carve for blood. In fact, not only are scientists examining the parasites, neurotoxins and mutation of viruses, they are also inspecting each part of our brain and how they function to understand how to arrest a pandemic, should one arise.

So, do we really need to be concerned about it? According to scientists involved in the zombie researches, there are some cases available where people were previously normal in their life and suddenly one day, behaved very strangely and attacked others, similarly like zombies we know. Those who got injured in the attacks didn't get any suspicious infection. The scientist says, the serious zombie thing could only be possible if it’s related to some kind of virus or any contagious disease.

All these researches and incidents doesn't bother to most of the people but, there are some people who are preparing themselves for which they believe is definitely possible, the zombie apocalypse

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